corporate catering

At The Great Food Company we have the qualifications and experience that is essential in the smooth running of the most complex of Corporate Events and the knowledge to exceed for you and your clients culinary fulfilment.

Our team specialise in making maximum impact for our clients, we understand catering and event excellence and work tirelessly to deliver a unique and successful event and to continue to improve our performance.

Corporate clients require uncomplicated food, that can be enjoyed while networking, conferencing or making that all-important pitch. Hot or cold food can be served depending on the event. A high return on investment can be achieved with a beautifully catered business meeting and create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to a profitable meeting.

The Great Food Company have cooked for some of the most discerning of clients - Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Leslie Garret. Clients also include politicians & many senior executives who require our expertise at home and abroad while on leave and business.

We have worked for the biggest companies globally and run their corporate events including Microsoft, Apple, Airbus, Young & Rubican, Ford, Cisco and Channel 4 Television, Americans in Toulouse and BIBNToulouse.